Hello, I am Andreana Drencheva.

I am Andreana Drencheva. Most people call me Addy. This is my (mostly neglected) home on the web. Welcome.

I am an incoming Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Entrepreneurship at King’s Business School. I aim to help individuals and organisations to create positive social change on a small or large scale. This includes three areas of work: research, learning and development, and collaboration.

My research is focused on entrepreneurship as a social process and its foundations in human action. My research investigates why and how individuals and communities engage in (social) entrepreneurship within their local context and with what intended and unintended impact.

Some of the questions that have previously occupied my attention are:

I aim to develop learning and development experiences that challenge individuals and organisations to grow. At the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, my learning experiences are evidence-based, flexible, and tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations. Whether I work with high school, MSc, and MBA students or new and established social and commercial entrepreneurs over a weekend, a week, a semester or a year, I take an empathetic approach that translates knowledge into action. I am also a learner and take an active approach to my personal development as a Senior Fellow of Advance HE (previously Higher Education Academy) (SFHEA).

I collaborate with different incubators, accelerators, and foundations to co-create services, programmes, and tools to support potential and early stage entrepreneurs, especially social and youth entrepreneurs. I specialise in co-creating evidence-based, flexible, and tailored learning and support experiences that meet the needs of individuals and organisations in an engaging and actionable way.

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), I am interested in working with ventures that put people and purpose first and enhance the possibilities for living of communities in sustainable ways through social entrepreneurship and innovation.

I also write for the general media, including The Alpine Review, Sustainable Brands, The Happy Startup School, The Conversation, and Leaders Now.

On a more personal note, I like chocolate, dogs, books, sticky notes, Moleskine notebooks, and sunny autumn days.

If you find anything here interesting and think it might be a good idea to collaborate on a project, participate in my research, meet for coffee or chat about ideas, get in touch.