How do we build responsible and responsive organisations?

questions about responsive organisations

There’s no questions that to compete in the XXI century organisations need to be responsive and responsible. Yet how to build responsible and responsive organisations remains a challenge for individuals starting up new ventures and for those leading established ones. One of the solutions is tapping into the collective creativity of groups and engaging individuals across all levels of the organisation to ask powerful questions, encourage voice, share information and knowledge, and listen.

How do we do this in practical terms? How do we give individuals the tools to ask powerful questions, encourage voice, share and listen?

First, we identified the barriers on individual, relational, and organisational levels based on primary research and a scoping review of the academic literature. Then we identified existing tools and built new ones for employees, managers, and senior executives to guide them through the process. Finally, to make the process even easier we designed a series of adaptable strategy workshops. The result? Over a dozen of public, private, and third sector startups and established organisations with actionable strategies to become more responsive and responsible.

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