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Hello, I am Andreana Drencheva.

I am Andreana Drencheva. Most people call me Addy. This is my (mostly neglected) home on the web. Welcome.

I work as a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Sheffield, where I aim to help individuals and organisations to create positive social change on a small or large scale. This includes three areas of work: research, learning and development, and collaboration.

My research is focused on entrepreneurship as a social process and its foundations in human action. New ventures are not the result of a single individual pursuing a big idea, but the development of long ideas to which many individuals and organisations make formal and informal contributions.

My current research investigates:

I aim to develop learning and development experiences that challenge individuals and organisations to grow. At the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, my learning experiences are evidence-based, flexible, and tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations. Whether I work with high school, MSc, and MBA students or new and established social and commercial entrepreneurs over a weekend, a week, a semester or a year, I take an empathetic approach that translates knowledge into action. I am also a learner and take an active approach to my personal development as a Senior Fellow of AdvanceHE (previously Higher Education Academy) (SFHEA).

I collaborate with different incubators, accelerators, and foundations to co-create services, programmes, and tools to support potential and early stage entrepreneurs, especially social and youth entrepreneurs. I specialise in co-creating evidence-based, flexible, and tailored learning and support experiences that meet the needs of individuals and organisations in an engaging and actionable way.

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), I am interested in working with ventures that put people and purpose first and enhance the possibilities for living of communities in sustainable ways through social entrepreneurship and innovation.

I also write for the general media, including The Alpine Review, The Guardian, Sustainable Brands, The Happy Startup School, and Leaders Now.

On a more personal note, I like chocolate, dogs, books, sticky notes, Moleskine notebooks, and sunny autumn days.

If you find anything here interesting and think it might be a good idea to collaborate on a project, participate in my research, meet for coffee or chat about ideas, get in touch.